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About Us

"Simplicity is beauty, beauty is simplicity"

At Pure Beauty Labs, we believe that cosmetic formulations and business relationships can be both exquisite and simple. Because of our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to formulate with the highest standards, using the finest ingredients, and delivering the best quality. We also believe in being transparent and honest throughout a product's development, from conception to launch, giving both our clients and their customers absolute confidence in our products. 


At Pure Beauty Labs, we are...

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our chemists are experts in cosmetic formulations, color, and OTC products. We are also proficient in commercial scale up and manufacturing. Because of our longstanding relationships with our vendors, we have first-hand access to new raw materials and cutting edge technologies. Together, we have worked with brands of all sizes - both large and small - and can creatively find solutions to your beauty development needs. 

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The Pure Beauty team is made up of cosmetic chemists, professional makeup artists, marketing experts, and beauty product connoisseurs. We know what's on the market and we understand your clients. We have the technical know-how and artistic finesse to deliver innovative and exciting formulas.   

We partner with our clients from conception to launch to keep products on time, in budget, and within specifications. Clients are encouraged to visit us and work on-site with our team. We communicate openly and often, keeping clients aware of developmental progress as we work together to navigate any obstacles that should arise. 

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All of our formulas are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We can work within a client’s ingredient restrictions, specializing in natural and naturally derived formulas. Because of our expansive knowledge of raw materials, we are able to offer cost-conscious alternatives for ingredients to enhance product stories.
All products are made and manufactured in the USA.

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